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Garage Door Repair Granite Bay CA

Granite Bay is your garage door in need of repair? Are you thinking of getting your garage door replaced? Our team at Garage Door Repair Granite Bay is dedicated to delivering garage door services and repairs. Anytime you call us we will be there to help fix your door.

We Are a Value Driven Team

Integrity, it is the core value that drives each and every one of us. From our phone operators to our experienced technicians, we promise to deliver your services done the right way, honest prices and personalized interactions for every project. When the unexpected happens you don't want someone that will try to take advantage of your situation. We are here to help you not gouge you.

Every service we offer, from repairs, scheduled maintenance, inspections to emergency services is operated with the intent of making your garage safe for you and your family. Don’t worry about a thing. If your garage door is not working like it's supposed to we are the first and only call you need to make to get it fixed right the first time.

Common Garage Door Problems

Like all machinery, over time garage doors tend to break down and need to be repaired and sometimes they need to be replaced entirely. However, most of the time when something goes wrong with your garage door it's something that a professional can replace or fix in a relatively small time. Here is a list of some of the most common issues.

  • Squeaky Garage Door: While it is common for there to be some squeaking when your garage door is opening or closing, sometimes loud squeaking can indicate that something is loose. Better safe than sorry it's okay to call for help.
  • Broken Weather Seal: Damaged weather seals can make it easy for rain, leaves, and pest to enter your home. It's not a bad idea to get this replaced.
  • Broken Garage Door Opener: While most of the time when your garage won’t listen to your remote it's just the batteries, sometimes it can be an even bigger issue. If replacing the batteries doesn’t work, give us a call and we will fix it for you.
  • Stuck Garage Doors: Now if your garage door gets stuck you should immediately call us. Messing with the torsion springs to fix it is extremely dangerous if you're untrained. We don’t want you to get hurt.

Extend The Life of Your Garage Door

You go to the doctor every once in a while for a checkup right? Well like all machines, garage doors need to be maintained from time to time. Inspections and maintenance help spot and prevent issues before they happen.

We offer a lube-n-tube service to make sure all the parts are working together smoothly. Spending a little money now can save you a lot. Emergencies can be expensive. Catch things before they happen. Call us to schedule maintenance today.

Give us a Call Now!

It is our pleasure to offer our garage door services to our wonderful customers and neighbors. Any time of day or night our team is here for you. If your garage door isn’t working call our team Garage Door Repair Granite Bay.

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To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Granite Bay please visit Garage Door Repair Granite Bay , CA